Angel Law, P.C. - Case Results

At Angel Law, P.C., we have never shied away from difficult cases that have drawn huge public notice. That's why you see our name mentioned in media reports as we fight for proper compensation in even the most horrific of circumstances. We took on the Oregon Department of Human Services in the Oleander Labier case and didn't flinch before the Doernbecher Children's Hospital or the manufacturer of the hand sanitizer that led to a fire that burned 12-year-old Ireland Lane. We don't try to get our name in the papers, but we are committed to seeing justice done, no matter who the defendant is and what kind of reputation it has. Before you choose us as your Portland personal injury lawyer, read below to see how effective we have been for our clients. The training some of us received in the U.S. Marine Corps has served us well in the court room-we fight hard for the justice that all of our clients deserve. Call us today if you would like to learn more.

This year we represented a young woman and mother of four who had undergone a surgical procedure called a hysterectomy. After the procedure she developed a life threatening and flesh eating infection which very nearly caused her death because her medical care providers missed numerous opportunities to detect and treat the infection. Angel Law, P.C. was able to work up the case, retain several experts, and prepare the case for trial. Prior to trial the defendants in the case ultimately offered a very reasonable settlement which our client accepted. The settlement was confidential.

We recently won a jury trial last summer on behalf of our client who was hurt in a car accident.

Here's what a colleague had to say about Patrick's trial win:

"Congratulations to Patrick Angel who just received a Multnomah County jury verdict of $121,000 in a bitterly contested causation fight with Nationwide Insurance and its in house attorney. Those of you who know [Nationwide] recognize that [it] is a formidable opponent [which had] unlimited resources on this case. The adjuster offered Patrick's client $3,000 on this case. Plaintiff was a woman in her mid-80s who suffered compression fractures. However, she was thoroughly x-rayed in the emergency department immediately following the collision and those films gave no hint of a fracture. Patrick put together a great medical team that explained to the jury that it was not unusual for the fractures to only become visible a month or more later. Nationwide was not "on her side" and fought this poor woman without mercy. As a result of the collision she voluntarily gave up her driver's license, moved from her own apartment and entered an assisted living facility. Fortunately for her she had a determined advocate on her side. The jury awarded economic damages of $36,000 and noneconomic damages of $85,000. [T]he Nationwide adjuster, perhaps learned a lesson. In response to [the] $3,000 offer, Patrick said "You've just guaranteed this case is going to trial." No second demand was made to Nationwide and Patrick simply got his case ready and tried it. Great job!"

Slip and Fall

Also in May of 2014 we prepared a case for trial against a downtown steakhouse where our client had slipped in water which the serving staff had negligently spilled on a slick surface and failed to clean up. Our client, a very active and avid tennis player hurt her knee very badly and required more than one surgery to correct it. Her knee will never quite be the same. We were successful in negotiating a significant settlement for our client that was well over six figures.

Pedestrian Struck by Taxi

We successfully negotiated a confidential settlement recently for a client who had been struck by a taxi cab while crossing the street in a pedestrian crosswalk.

Child Abuse

Last Spring, we prepared a very tragic child abuse case for trial against Oregon DHS involving a child who lost her life to abusive parents. We filed a lawsuit against DHS because this State Agency was responsible for investigating child abuse and protecting Oregon children from cruel treatment. DHS had an opportunity to intervene in our case but failed to follow simple guidelines which should have allowed Oleander to survive and grow up in a nurturing environment away from her abusers. The case against DHS settled for half a million dollars.

T-Bone Auto Crash

At Angel Law, P.C., we recently litigated an auto crash case that settled right before trial for well over six figures involving a young woman who was "t-boned" in an intersection in Portland that had no stop signs. This is called an uncontrolled intersection and these still exist in some Portland neighborhoods. Our client suffered an injury to her back that some time later required surgery. Often when the need for surgery is months and months after the crash the defendant's insurance company takes the position that the need for surgery is unrelated to the crash. This case was also particularly difficult because both drivers argued that it was the other's fault. We had to carefully examine the damage to the vehicles and the locations where each car came to rest. We ultimately convinced the other legal team that the jury would believe our client about who caused the crash.

Child Struck by Driver

It's always particularly gratifying to have a child as a client. We've been honored at Angel Law, P.C. to be able to resent numerous children in cases where someone's negligence caused them harm. We settled a case not too long ago for a four year old child who was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in a crosswalk. The at-fault driver made a turn from a stop sign and didn't see our client who promptly wound up under the car and suffered burns on the exhaust pipes. It was some sort of miracle that our four year old client wasn't catastrophically injured because he was dragged for almost fifteen feet under the car before the driver understood what had happened. We successfully negotiated for the insurance policy limits in this case.

Wrongful Termination

We have also represented workers who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs in a manner that violated Oregon law. We successfully negotiated a sizeable confidential settlement for a caregiver at a local assisted living facility who complained to management that some residents were not being adequately cared for. She was fired for voicing her concerns about the alarmingly poor patient care this facility provided to some of its most vulnerable residents. We ultimately settled this case for a six figure confidential amount of compensation.

Wage & Tip Dispute

We also proudly represented a bartender who was fired when she complained about being forced to use her tips to pay a patron's bill who walked out of the tavern without paying. In most instances, it is illegal for an employer to force an employee to pay for patrons who stiff the bar. In this case we were eager to present our case to a jury but the tavern owner convinced us during mediation to accept a generous confidential settlement in order to avoid having to face a jury.

We have numerous active cases involving unfortunate wrongful death and catastrophically injured clients. Please call us at Angel Law, P.C. if we can help you. At Angel Law, P.C., justice matters.