Medical Malpractice: Wrong Prescriptions

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Incidents involving errors in medication have caused suffering to millions of people every year. Going home with the wrong prescription is one of the most common types of medical malpractice. While you trust your doctor and your pharmacy to provide excellent and trustworthy service, this is not always the case.

The reality is that prescription errors do happen frequently—much more than we would like to believe. If you are in this situation and seeking counsel from a legal professional in Portland, call Angel Law, P.C. right away! We believe that justice should be obtained in these situations and our malpractice lawyers will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Types of Prescription Negligence

Medications can cause a number of side effects to those who use them. If a person was allergic to any of the ingredients in the incorrect prescription, the consequences can be devastating, and possibly even fatal. Medical professionals should be fully aware of this, so how is it possible that a prescription error occurs?

Here are some of the ways that prescription errors happen:

  • Pharmacist negligence
  • Negligence of pharmacy staff
  • Incorrect labeling of medication
  • The pharmacy did not disclose drug interactions
  • Medication was confused with another patient's
  • The pharmacy did not check with the doctor for clarification
  • Drugs with similar-sounding names were confused
  • The pharmacy did not disclose potential allergies

You will need to present proof about how the malpractice occurred, how the error caused you pain, and detail the extent of your injuries as a result of taking the wrong prescription. These can be difficult to prove on your own, which is why you need our firm to make a resilient argument on your behalf. Our job as Portland personal injury attorneys is to help you get compensation for your undue suffering in cases like these.

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