Military Veterans Sue USAA Alleging Fraudulent Claim Denials

Military Veterans Sue USAA Alleging Insurance Fraud

In a class action suit against USAA, some military veterans are claiming they are victims of insurance fraud.  A group of military veterans and family members are the named plaintiffs in a class action suit against multiple defendants including: United Services Automobile Association, USAA Casualty Insurance Co., USAA Mutual Insurance Corp., Auto Injury Solutions Inc., along with chiropractors Ross Hart and Clark Wolf III after what they allege were unfair denials related to their car accidents injury claims.  The plaintiffs allege that USAA convinced them to buy their policies after making strong claims about its love and respect for the US military.  In an article for the Courthouse News Service, plaintiff Margaret Soukup says "USAA touted its commitment to servicing military families and advertised the 'exclusive privileges of its auto insurance' for those who stood tall for this country and for their families, we stand ready to return the favor."  The insurance company promised that they would cover necessary medical expenses in the event of a car accident.  However, in an alleged insurance fraud scheme, USAA's military customers instead received unfair denials

The claim alleges that the defendants used fraudulent file reviews to wrongly deny the plaintiffs' claims.  Soukup signed with USAA expecting to have her necessary medical expenses covered.  However after she was rear-ended in a car accident, she claims that instead she became the victim of insurance fraud by her own insurance provider.  The plaintiff alleges that without her knowledge her claim was turned over to Auto Injury Solutions (AIS), a company which USAA routinely uses to create "sham file reviews".  This led to USAA's unfair denial of the claim after the company concluded that Soukup did not need medical treatment. 

Another woman, the daughter of a military Veteran, claims she received the same treatment.  Brittney Bathurst says she was almost killed in a T-bone car accident in Minnesota.  She submitted her claim with USAA and received the same unfair denial.  USAA had referred her claim to AIS as well, which also deemed her medical treatment unnecessary.  As part of what is being called an outrageous insurance fraud scheme, AIS had Bathurst's file reviewed by an acupuncturist, Leslie Kancir, in Colorado. 

Amber DeMerritt received the same unfair denial after her car accident in Oregon, according the complaint.  USAA and AIS had a chiropractor in Georgia by the name of George Sage create "at least four sham file review reports" in the alleged insurance fraud scheme.

Samantha Jones is also a named member of the class claiming she too was a victim of this insurance fraud scheme.   She received an unfair denial after AIS cooked up "nine sham file reviews" after her car accident

All four named plaintiffs and many others are standing up and refusing to be victims of insurance fraud.  If you feel you've received unfair denials after being in a car accident, don't be a victim.  Arbitrary claim denials without a rational basis should not be tolerated.  You may have a right to file a complaint if your injury claim has been denied, and an experienced car accident attorney at Angel Law, P.C. can guide you through the process.