Serious Car Accident in Portland on Ross Island Bridge

Local news sources reported a possibly fatal head on collision on the Portland Ross Island Bridge today, March 18, 2011.  The collision happened at about mid-span on the Ross Island Bridge just after the noon hour and investigators suspect that it may have been caused when one of the drivers suffered a medical emergency. 

The 58 year old male driver who may have suffered a medical issue is reported to have hit the right side of the bridge rail as he traveled westbound.  His car then entered the oncoming lane of traffic and collided with another driver who according to initial reports appears to have suffered fatal injuries.  The Ross Island Bridge was closed for several hours.

Driving experts urge motorists to develop defensive driving habits for exactly this type of situation. Unfortunately, anyone who drives a motor vehicle on public roads faces some level of risk regarding an oncoming motorist losing control of his or her automobile.  Sometimes due to a medical emergency the loss of control may not have been foreseeable.  Maintaining a diligent lookout, being aware of escape avenues, and traveling at a safe speed for the particular roadway are all measures drivers can take to reduce the risk of injury due to a car accident.

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