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Keep in Touch with Angel Law, P.C.

At Angel Law, P.C., justice matters. Our legal team is led by Patrick Angel, a former U.S. Marine whose practice as a personal injury attorney in Portland is dedicated to helping the injured receive ...
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Greedy Lawyers!

Many lawyers feel that most of the attorney advertising in the market place damages the legal profession, and a persuasive number of studies seem to support that belief. When lawyers advertise, ...
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How Do I Sue the Federal Government

Can I Bring an Injury Lawsuit Against the Federal Government What if a doctor at the VA Hospital makes a mistake, commits medical malpractice, and I am injured as a result? Can I sue the doctor, ...
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Why I Went to Law School

I met with a client a little while back because she'd been fired from her job at a lumber mill in Oregon. "Mary" is fifty years old, she'd given eight hard years of dutiful labor to ...
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Car vs Deer Accidents Increase in the Fall

November is the most dangerous month for car accidents involving deer. Portland Injury Litigation Law Firm Angel Law, P.C. first posted this safety reminder last November. With November upon us again ...
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10 Ways the US Chamber of Commerce Hurts Americans

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