Oregon Has a New Attorney General

Oregon has a new Attorney General. Ok, not exactly. But baring some unforeseen event, Oregon will soon have its first female Attorney General in its 153 year existence as a state. Ellen Rosenblum won the Democratic primary on May 15, 2012. Since no Republican candidate announced an intent to run against Rosenblum this November in the general election, she will most likely be sworn in as Oregon's Attorney General for the next term. Technically, there is always the remote possibility that a "write-in" candidate for the position could be elected from the November race, but such an outcome is unlikely.

The Attorney General in Oregon is the chief legal advisor to Oregon's State Government as well as the chief law enforcement officer. As Attorney General, Rosenblum will serve as the head of Oregon's Department of Justice.

Rosenblum enjoyed a decisive victory over primary opponent Dwight Holton to win the Democratic nomination despite Holton's early lead in fundraising efforts and endorsements from virtually all of Oregon's law enforcement officials. With a large majority of votes counted, however, the Oregonian reports the wide margin of victory as 64% for Rosenblum to 36% for Holton.

Rosenblum was endorsed by many prominent Oregonians including former Attorney General Hardy Myers, Governor Barbara Roberts, and Congressman Earl Blumenauer. Immediately prior to running for the democratic nomination for Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum served the state since 2005 as a judge on Oregon's Court of Appeals, the intermediate appellate court for Oregon with jurisdiction to hear all civil and criminal appeals, except death penalty and tax cases, and to review the actions of most of the state's administrative agencies.

Since the current Attorney General John Kroger, who endorsed Holton, has decided to leave the office early to accept, perhaps ironically, a position as the Dean of Portland's Reed College, Governor Kitzhaber is tasked with appointing an interim replacement for Kroger who must be from Kroger's political party. Most observers believe Rosenblum, already the next likely Attorney General and a democrat, is the obvious choice.

Angel Law, P.C. joins Oregon in congratulating Ellen Rosenblum for her election victory.