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    • Millions Recovered

      "Congratulations to Patrick Angel who just received a Multnomah County jury verdict of $121,000 in a bitterly contested causation fight with Nationwide Insurance and its in house attorney. Those of you who know [Nationwide] recognize that [it] is a formidable opponent [which had] unlimited resources on this case. The adjuster offered Patrick's client $3,000 on this case. Plaintiff was a woman in her mid-80s who suffered compression fractures. However, she was thoroughly x-rayed in the emergency department immediately following the collision and those films gave no hint of a fracture. Patrick put together a great medical team that explained to the jury that it was not unusual for the fractures to only become visible a month or more later. Nationwide was not "on her side" and fought this poor woman without mercy. As a result of the collision she voluntarily gave up her driver's license, moved from her own apartment and entered an assisted living facility. Fortunately for her she had a determined advocate on her side. The jury awarded economic damages of $36,000 and noneconomic damages of $85,000. [T]he Nationwide adjuster, perhaps learned a lesson. In response to [the] $3,000 offer, Patrick said "You've just guaranteed this case is going to trial." No second demand was made to Nationwide and Patrick simply got his case ready and tried it. Great job!"