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Here at Angel Law, P.C., we understand that personal injury law is, by nature, personal. That's why we take as much time as needed with prospective clients to determine their goals and if the case fits our firm. At Angel Law, P.C., we are not interested in signing up a high volume of cases—we are interested in delivering justice to our clients. You are our main concern and our number one priority.

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We Never Sacrifice Excellence for a Quick Solution

Personal injury law in Oregon can be a challenging legal area full of potential traps and confusing requirements. Most personal injury cases require a skilled and dedicated attorney to carefully navigate the process.

When we take on a client's serious personal injury case or wrongful death case at Angel Law, P.C., we strive to provide skillful, thoughtful legal representation that is designed to help our client get the best legal results possible.

This representation is different with every client. Regardless, we will never sacrifice excellence or commitment for a quick or easy solution.

If you have a potential case in the area of personal injury law, or medical malpractice you are going to need an ally on your way through the legal system in Oregon. Angel Law, P.C. can provide skillful legal representation in your personal injury or discrimination case. We will sit down with you to discover what you want to accomplish with legal action, and we pledge to never sacrifice excellence in search of a quick and easy solution to your case.

Personal Injury Law Firm: Areas of Practice

Angel Law, P.C. is not one of those over-sized law firms taking on hundreds of clients where clients become lost in the shuffle, and you rarely have an opportunity to speak with the actual lawyer.

We keep our client base small enough for us to provide full service and personal attention to every serious injury or medical malpractice case we take on, whether that case involves a single negligent individual, or an entire group of bad-actors, or a corporation.

Our team has the ability, resources, and drive to get results for our clients in virtually any area of personal injury law. We understand that these types of cases take a lot of time to prepare and try, but the justice served is worth it all. We will take on those defendants who need to be confronted and help to hold them accountable for their actions.

Why Retain an Injury Lawyer from Angel Law, P.C.?

In our years of experience, Angel Law, P.C. has found that plaintiffs who act on their own often do not fare well. That's because the defendants in these sorts of cases always hire outstanding lawyers to win the case so as to avoid public embarrassment and costs.

Due to this formidable opposition, you need to have real legal firepower on your side. As a former U.S. Marine, Patrick Angel understands going to battle. He knows that to be successful, an attorney must gather convincing evidence and shape airtight arguments to win justice in our legal system.

Take Control of Your Case

Four Reasons You Should Hire Attorney Patrick Angel
  • Personal Attention

    Let our experienced attorney provide you with a free one-on-one consultation regarding your case.

  • Attention to Detail

    Unlike larger firms that rely on paralegals or aides, our attorney will work directly on your case.

  • Experience In The Courtroom

    Our attorney has extensive trial experience and never backs down from a challenge.

  • High Profile Cases

    Regardless of the size, scope, or difficulty of your case, our firm is prepared to fight for you.

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