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Doctor holding newborn baby

C-Sections are an increasingly common means of giving birth, especially in the US. About 25% of babies are now born through caesarian section (C-Section). However, while the practice is increasingly common, medical errors and general negligence present extreme danger to both mother and child.

Delayed C-sections are particularly dangerous. When doctors wait too long to get the mother to surgery or when they don’t carefully consider their options, they risk endangering everyone involved.

Causes of Delayed C-Sections

Delayed C-sections occur when the doctor realizes something is wrong with the delivery, and they need to rush the mother to surgery. While C-sections are planned for the mother’s health, delayed C-sections occur when there are complications during labor.

There are many reasons for a delayed C-section. These causes range from natural to misdiagnosis to medical negligence in failing to monitor the baby. A few reasons include:

· Labor unexpectedly stops.

· The baby is too large for the birth canal.

· The baby’s vitals unexpectedly change.

· Amniotic fluid suddenly drains from the womb.

When any of these things happen, the doctor must make a fast diagnosis. They must decide whether to wait, use forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery, or perform an emergency C-section. Under these circumstances, any delay or hesitation can result in serious complications, including death.

Dangers of a Delayed C-Section

Delayed C-Sections are extremely risky. From the incision to the extraction, doctors must exercise extreme caution; an error with the knife could mean cuts and infections. Failing to maneuver the baby properly could mean fractures.

If the doctor waits too long, the baby might asphyxiate. Under the best circumstances, this means brain damage. Under the worst circumstances, a baby could pass away because of a doctor’s misdiagnosis or failure to act.

Contact an Attorney

Nobody should take on doctors and hospitals alone, especially after a traumatic birth injury. Whether the mother or child experienced a birth injury as a result of negligent care and medical malpractice, victims should pursue their justice.

If your child suffered a birth injury due to a delayed C-section, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Portland birth injury attorney from Angel Law to evaluate your claim, please send us an email or call (503) 862-8666.
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