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The birth of a child is a fantastic moment for everyone involved. Understandably, many families want to capture the moment on film, but some hospital administrators are trying to put an end to this practice. Read on to find out why some hospitals ban birth videos.

Can Hospitals Ban Cameras?

In short, the answer is yes. The general rule in the United States is that a property owner can prohibit photography on the premises. Therefore, if the “owner” of a hospital wants to ban photography and filmography in delivery rooms (or anywhere else in hospitals) they have the right to do so. This may be something you want to ask about if you have a choice of hospitals for your delivery.

This begs the question, why do hospitals ban birth videos?

Why Do Hospitals Ban Birth Videos?

Many hospitals ban cameras in delivery rooms because they fear birth videos will encourage patients to pursue non-meritorious, or what hospitals perceive as “frivolous” lawsuits. The hospitals’ argument here is that, to a jury of non-physicians, difficult childbirths might look like cases of medical malpractice due to the chaos of such events. From this perspective, the no-video policy seems almost reasonable.

But there’s a larger reason for hospitals banning birth videos. Hospitals know full well that prohibiting birth videos stops people from obtaining real and solid evidence of actual cases of medical malpractice related to birth trauma. With no video footage of delivery mistakes, insurance companies have less to argue against when parents file justified medical malpractice suits.

But if hospitals ban birth videos, can birth injury lawsuits be successful without video evidence of the medical mistakes?

Is Video Evidence Necessary to Prove Negligence?

Fortunately, video evidence is not necessary for a successful birth-related medical malpractice lawsuit. In other words, with the right birth injury attorney by your side, fair and just compensation is possible without film evidence.

If you or a loved one believes medical professionals acted negligently resulting in birth injuries, Angel Law, P.C. is here to help. Our award-winning representation has helped countless clients recover from their injuries, and we hope we can look into your case and help you.

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