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3 Steps to Take Following a Denied Claim

Having a medical malpractice claim denied following an injury can be devastating, yet 72% of cases are denied, dropped, or dismissed. When an insurance provider denies your claim, many questions may be left unanswered. Before considering filing a second time, think about these three steps.

#1. Find Out Why You Were Denied

When your claim is denied, you will often receive a letter from the insurance company outlining reasons for doing so. However, sometimes this may not be the case. You deserve to know why your claim was denied and may need to reach out to the insurance provider to learn why.

However, if the insurer has no apparent reason for your claim being denied, that may point to a more significant issue and potentially require an attorney to remedy it.

#2. Organize Your Documents and Evidence

One of the most common reasons for a denied claim is insufficient evidence. Before attempting to file another claim identical to your original one, ensure you provide the company with all necessary documentation and reevaluate what was submitted. You may find that additional evidence can strengthen your case, such as:

  • Videos or photos of the damage caused.
  • Treatment costs to fix the initial injury.
  • Signed letter from your doctor discussing the treatment required to fix the initial injury.
  • A letter outlining how the injury affected your life.

#3. Contact an Attorney

It's advised to never go into a medical malpractice claim alone. By working with an attorney, you ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process and have someone to advocate on your behalf should your claim go to trial.

If you are seeking legal representation following a denied medical malpractice claim, contact Angel Law, P.C. today. Lead attorney Patrick Angel has nearly two decades of experience handling medical malpractice claims and is prepared to take on your case. Call (503) 862-8666 or fill out this short form to get in touch with our team today.