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mom holding child in winter cold outside

With winter in full swing, it is especially important to keep our children warm. While this may be something that many parents take for granted, parents with special needs children know that it’s not always as simple as throwing a regular piece of clothing on a child.

For instance, children with spasticity or cerebral palsy may have difficulty putting on traditional outerwear, especially pieces that cover the hands and feet. Many children with disabilities also rely on medical technology, such as oxygen tubes and pumps, in their daily lives.

Adaptive clothing is specifically designed to make it easier to dress and care for children with wide ranges of physical disabilities. Here are some suggestions for adaptive winter clothing that you can learn more about to keep your child warm and comfortable in the cold.

Types of Adaptive Clothing

There are many different types of disabilities, meaning that there are also various types of adaptive clothing that you may need to consider for your child. These pieces of clothing should keep the child’s unique needs and circumstances in mind. Some specific types of winter adaptive clothing include:

  • Jackets and shirts that open at the back or side or have magnetic strips to close the garment.
  • Shoes that open far enough to allow the wearer to put their feet inside without forcing the shoe on and feature Velcro straps.
  • Pants that are cut higher in the back and lower in the front to allow the child to sit comfortably in a wheelchair; additionally, pants may be constructed with elastic bands and stretchy fabric to facilitate easy restroom use.
  • Shirt and pajamas that feature slits that allow tubes and other medical equipment to pass through.
  • Mittens and gloves that cover the whole hand rather than force individual fingers inside of holes.
  • Fleece boots and slippers that are stretchy enough to fit over the entire foot.

Where to Buy Adaptive Clothing

The good news is that there are several retailers and designers that make and sell adaptive clothing for a variety of needs. While it would be impossible to list all of them, here are a few that may be affordable and suit your child’s specific needs:

  • Target: Kid’s Adaptive Clothing
  • MagnaReady: Boys’ and Men’s’ Adaptive Clothing
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Boys’ and Girls’ Adaptive Clothing
  • BeEasyKids (Etsy): Kids’ Adaptive Clothing and Fashion Accessories
  • Able2Wear: Adaptive and Tailor-Made Clothing

At Angel Law, we represent families of children who have suffered harm due to birth injuries. If you believe that your doctor or other medical professional was negligent and caused your child harm during the birthing process, please feel free to contact our office at (503) 862-8666 to learn more about your legal options. We provide free consultations and are available 24/7.

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