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Portland Personal Injury Attorney

This winter is proving to be quite a harsh one for residents of Portland. According to recent reports from Mt. Hood Medical Center and Legacy hospitals, record numbers of people are being treated for injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents caused by the icy conditions. Sidewalks and roads have frozen over completely, causing people to suffer injuries left and right as a result. To reduce your chances of a slip and fall accident this winter, there are several things you can do to help keep you on your feet.

1. Wear appropriate clothing: Nonslip shoes, such as those made with neoprene soles or a comparable material can improve your traction on icy ground.

2. Stay indoors: If you do not have to travel, try to stay indoors and away from the elements as much as you can. If you must walk across an icy surface, do so slowly and deliberately to help maintain your balance.

3. Look before you step: This seems pretty self-explanatory, but make sure you look at where you place your feet when stepping out of cars or off of steps. If you see ice, you will be able to compensate accordingly.

4. Hold onto handrails: A fall down stairs can be particularly devastating, potentially resulting in spinal cord damage, broken bones, and head injuries. Grabbing onto handrails can provide much needed support to keep you stay upright.

5. Keep your hands free: Being able to swing your arms for stabilization is key. If you need to carry some sort of object, bring a backpack.

Hire an Experienced Portland Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you should suffer an injury in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your suffering with the assistance of a knowledgeable Portland personal injury lawyer from Angel Law, P.C. With personalized and compassionate representation, our firm’s skilled lawyers can represent your interests in court and maximize your chances of securing a desirable outcome for your situation. To get started towards retaining the representation you deserve, contact us online or call our office today at (503) 862-8666.

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