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pregnant woman at doctor's office

While you were pregnant, you did everything right to ensure your baby’s health and safety as well as your own. You attended all your regular check-ups, followed your doctor’s orders to a tee, and took all your prescribed medications. Even so, your baby was suffered harm and you want answers for how it happened.

Sadly, thousands of infants sustain birth injuries due to negligence. Below, we discuss three parties that may be liable for your child’s birth injuries and whom you can pursue compensation from.

The Doctor

Medical doctors have a legal duty to take all necessary precautions needed to keep mother and baby safe throughout the pregnancy and labor process. When doctors fail to take the measures that they should have or even if they make a seemingly small medical error, devastating birth injuries can occur and they can be held liable.

The Hospital

Hospitals have a duty to hire enough staff members to cover the number of patients that are in need of medical attention at any given time. This includes ensuring that there are enough doctors and nurses to monitor each patient’s safety and health and ensure. Additionally, hospitals must ensure that the staff members they hire have the right credentials and certifications needed to perform their jobs both safely and legally.

If the hospital fails to take the measures needed to 1.) ensure that patients are being treated with the standard of care that they need or 2.) engage in negligent hiring practices, the medical organizer may be held liable.

The Drug Manufacturer

Drug manufacturers are required to give adequate warning of potential hazards of taking a certain medication, including the hazards for pregnant women and their unborn babies. If they to do so and a baby suffers a birth injury or defect, the company can be held liable.

If you believe that your baby sustained a birth injury because of someone else’s negligent actions, you should not hesitate to contact a local birth injury attorney to discuss your potential case for free. At Angel Law, we are the team of legal advocates you want on your side. We will fight hard on your behalf of your family so you obtain justice and compensation.

Contact our Portland birth injury attorneys at (503) 862-8666 to schedule your no-fee, no-obligation consultation.

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