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Birth injuries bring tremendous emotional weight. Many parents fear for their baby’s future, wondering if the birth injury will define their character.

The good news is that birth injury treatments are constantly improving. With these treatment options, parents and children are learning that there’s life after a birth injury.


While medication does not cure birth injuries, it can control the symptoms of certain conditions. Muscle relaxants reduce pain for children with palsy and may help them recover flexibility. Likewise, children with cerebral palsy or brain injuries can use medication to reduce or even eliminate spasms and seizures.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be a great help to any child with motor issues or nerve damage. Physical therapy techniques can help children develop strength, muscle control, and coordination. While every case is different, physical therapy can help children with mild Erb's palsy recover full control of their arms.


Surgery is an uncommon birth injury treatment. Normally, surgery is reserved for broken bones or tears and rips in the nervous system. Surgery is often the last resort when other treatments are ineffective.

Assistance Programs

While parents once had to bear the brunt of a birth injury alone, times have changed. There are now many social programs and charities supporting children with birth injuries and their families.

Programs range from Medicaid to social security and beyond. More severe birth injuries may warrant assistance to help children establish independence.

Any parent whose child was impacted by a birth injury should explore their options thoroughly. There are many social programs available, and an experienced attorney can help parents make the responsible parties answer for their negligence.

If your child suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Portland birth injury attorney from Angel Law to evaluate your case, please call (503) 862-8666 or send us an email.