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Portland Personal Injury Attorney

The Problem

Dealing with Oregon car insurance companies can seem like a daunting task, especially when you're facing a mountain of medical bills after a car accident. You're not alone, many people go through this as well every day. Remember, insurance companies are for-profit businesses and just like any other business they need to make money. If they paid out every claim promptly, fully and fairly they'd be out of business. If your accident insurance carrier has denied paying medical bills related to your car accident, your first reaction may be to file a lawsuit, but that might not be your best solution right out of the gate.

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It's important to understand your rights as an Oregon insurance policy holder. If your insurance company delays payment of your bills it may be because your insurance company determined the medical treatment was not medically necessary. Find out why the adjuster doesn't consider the medical bills necessary. Oregon insurance companies are not allowed to act alone when making such a decision. Since your health is in question, they must consult a medical professional when deciding whether your treatment is medically necessary, and you are entitled to know of such a medical report. If your insurance company is hesitant to provide you that information, ask them how they decide what's medically necessary. Then ask your doctor to help you. Your doctor can provide a report to the insurance company that explains the connection between the car accident (or other accident) the injuries you suffered, and the medical treatment that was provided.

Fight Back

Be an informed advocate for yourself. Many people facing medical bills just accept what their insurance company tells them, even if they've been unjustly denied. They're afraid to speak up and question the insurance company because they assume that they just can't win. Well, you can win.

Sometimes your insurance company intends to pay your medical bills but their delay makes you think they've denied your claim. If it seems they are taking too long to respond, be aware that your Oregon insurance company has up to 30 days from the time they have all needed information to pay your claim. If they need further reasonable information, it can take longer. They are entitled to request more information from you to evaluate the claim, so be sure to enclose all relevant paperwork with your claim application. If you've had a car accident and are facing a lot of medical bills, be sure to keep all relevant information close at hand when making your claim, including any wage loss documents, the police report if there is one, and any witness statements. This will speed up the process.

Get Help

Sometimes your own best advocacy is not enough. If your doctor is behind you but your insurance company still ignores its obligations, it's time to hire an experience Portland car accident attorney.

Resources for Oregon Consumers

The Oregon Insurance Division maintains a website where you can get more helpful information or file a complaint against an insurance agent or your insurance company. Visit the Oregon Insurance Division's Website.

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