Maternal Mortality Rates are Too High

Over the past 30 years, maternal mortality rates have seen a steady rise in the US. In 1990, this country hada maternal mortality rate of 17 in 100,000; now it stands at 25 in 100,000. These numbers are unacceptable. US maternal mortality rates are too high.

What is Maternal Mortality?

Maternal mortality refers to women who die during pregnancy, labor, or within six weeks of childbirth. While some women pass away due to pregnancy complications, many occur in the days or weeks after childbirth.

What are the Causes of Maternal Mortality?

Five causes contribute to the majority of maternal deaths:

· Unsafe or self-induced abortion.

· Delivery complications.

· Untreated high blood pressure.

· Undiagnosed Infections

· Untreated post-birth bleeding

These causes are a mixture of pregnancy complications and medical malpractice. Hospital staff have a duty to monitor blood pressure, inquire about complications, and check for infections. Every day, women suffer and die from childbirth because they are not receiving the care they need.

Moreover, the rising maternal mortality rates disproportionately affect African American mothers.The maternal mortality rate for African American women is 47 in 100,000, nearly double the national average.

Maternal mortality rates are the worst of all in Georgia, where African American women experience a rate of 67 deaths per 100,000 pregnancies. Put another way, new mothers are as likely to die in Georgia as they are in Syria.

What Can be Done?

Hospitals and doctors must be more attentive to new and expecting mothers. There must be guidelines in place to ensure proper diagnosis and medications. Doctors must follow up with their patients and prescribe therapy when needed. If a mother dies because of negligent care, they may have suffered from gross negligence and malpractice.

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