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Dram Shop Claims in Portland, OR

Do You Have Grounds for a Dram Shop Claim?

Drunk drivers claim the lives of thousands of innocent victims every year on America's roadways. In Oregon, almost 40% of the car accident fatalities each year are alcohol-related. In addition to those killed by drunk drivers, there are countless innocent victims seriously injured by these blatantly negligent drivers.

Our injury law firm, Angel Law, P.C., handles dram shop cases from all over the state. If you were hit by a drunk driver and are suffering from injuries, you need to take legal action right away. Speak with our Portland car accident lawyer for assistance with your dram shop claim! We can help you obtain proper restitution.

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Understanding Dram Shop Laws in Oregon

When bars or restaurants over-serve alcohol to an individual who later injures or kills someone due to their incapacity or impairment while behind the wheel, the bar or restaurant can be held liable under the law. These cases are known as "dram shop" lawsuits, or dram shop claims. Dram shop laws hold alcohol servers accountable for the death, injury, or catastrophic harm caused by an obviously intoxicated customer. In Oregon, dram shop laws can be found under ORS 471.565.

The following factors can be used to hold the establishment liable:

  • Alcoholic beverages were sold to a visibly intoxicated person
  • The individual's intoxication led to the victim's injuries
  • The establishment lacked licensing to serve alcohol

Dram shop laws impose very short time limits in which a victim can provide notice of the lawsuit to the bar or restaurant responsible. Victims of drunk driving may have as few as 180 days after an incident to send written notice to the establishment they are seeking to file a claim against.

In a DUI accident and dram shop case, your best bet is a legal representative who knows the ins and outs of the law. Our Portland personal injury attorney can seek restitution from both the drunk driver and the bar that over-served them. Get us on your side today!

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The purpose behind dram shop laws is clear: to discourage bars and restaurants from continuing to serve customers who have had too much to drink. Yet dram shop cases can be problematic issues, and liability can be difficult to pinpoint. That is why you should come to us if you have any questions. Our lawyer has been able to resolve a number of difficult cases, such as dram shop claims, with successful verdicts.

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