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Commercial trucks on the highways of Oregon can cause serious accidents to smaller vehicles. Commercial trucking has become a necessary aspect of life and manufacturing in the nation. Unfortunately, however, with the increase of semi- and big-rig trucks on the roads, the number of accidents has increased.

Due to the sheer tonnage of these semi-trucks, what might have been just a minor fender bender between two cars in a typical car accident can be deadly when a commercial truck is involved. Because commercial 18-wheeler trucks are so much bigger and heavier than other vehicles, it is no wonder that about 85% of individuals killed in collisions with semi-trucks are drivers or passengers of smaller vehicles.

Oftentimes, the driver of the tractor trailer only suffers minor injuries. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an Oregon trucking accident, a Portland truck accident lawyer at our firm may be able to help.

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About Commercial Trucking Accidents in Oregon

In our society, we depend on the trucking industry to transport automobiles, lumber, commercial goods, and fuel all over the country. We depend on commercial truck drivers to maintain their vehicles, ensure loads are secure, and drive safely. As commuters, we daily trust trucking companies to properly train their drivers and supervise driver conduct.

Oregon requires very alert commercial driving due to inclement conditions caused by rain, sleet, or snow. When a mistake is made or a driver loses control of the tractor trailer truck, life-changing injuries or even death can result. Our trucking accident attorney in Portland is dedicated to helping the victims of such collisions hold the commercial trucking company accountable. We take a client-oriented compassionate approach to get compensation in cases involving serious injury or the loss of a loved one due to a collision with a negligent semi-truck driver.

Types of Tucks Commonly Involved in Accidents

There are a variety of different commercial trucks on the road and they all carry their own set of risks and liabilities. Tractor-trailers are most commonly known as semi-trucks or big rigs and are intended to carry cargo. These trucks are some of the biggest on the road and their size makes them a force to be reckoned with. Big rigs have massive blind spots, making it difficult for drivers to safely change lanes, as well as a much greater stopping distance than the average passenger car.

Flatbed trucks have open trailers, making them useful for loading and unloading big shipments. If not secured properly, the cargo on flatbed trucks can come loose and damage other cars.

Dump trucks and garbage trucks are typically used to carry construction site material, such as sand, dirt, or gravel. Similar to semi-trucks, these trucks have serious blind spots and poor visibility. Because they are so common in neighborhoods, dump trucks and garbage trucks can be a great liability for pedestrians.

Investigating a Commercial Truck Accident

When a motorist or passenger is injured in Oregon due to an accident with a large commercial truck, it's very important to quickly find out what happened. An Oregon semi-truck accident attorney at Angel Law, P.C. can work with investigators and accident re-constructionists to determine the cause of an accident.

Truck drivers or companies can be held liable for the damages if the following were present:

  • Truck driver fatigue from driving outside the federal trucking safety regulations
  • Inexperienced driving of an 18-wheeler due to inadequate training
  • Aggressive or reckless driving such as speeding or failing to yield
  • Driving while impaired from alcohol or other intoxicants
  • Negligent hiring by the truck company
  • Unsecured loads, improper maintenance, and / or failure to properly inspect loads and equipment

While all truck accidents are serious, there are several accidents which are some of the most common for drivers today. Rollovers can be particularly frightening, as they can occur if a driver is speeding or when a tire that goes off the pavement. Once a truck begins to rollover, it is almost impossible to control. Semi-trucks are especially susceptible to jackknifing because of the trailer attached to the cab. When the trailer swings out and creates a 90-degree angle to the cab, it is considered a jackknife.

Underride accidents are particularly dangerous for small passenger cars. This is when a passenger car crashes into the back of a truck and slides underneath due to momentum. Underride accidents can damage entire cars. It is important for truck drivers to pay attention to every little detail when driving and to keep enough distance between themselves and the smaller cars they share the road with.

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You can count on Angel Law, P.C. to pursue the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost income, pain, and other conditions caused by an accident due to another's negligence. Frequently, victims of trucking accidents have to completely change their lives because of the consequences of a negligent truck driver. Oregon and federal laws protect victims in such situations.

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