Pedestrian Accidents Were You Hit by a Negligent Driver?

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Portland

Were You Hit by a Negligent Driver?

Traffic laws are set up to protect the lives of pedestrians from the dangers presented by motor vehicles. In order for these laws to be effective, however, they must be obeyed. If a motor vehicle driver acts in a negligent manner or violates a traffic law, he or she places the lives of pedestrians at stake.

Pedestrian accidents not only involve cars, but can also pertain to the following modes of transportation:

If you or a loved one has been hit by a negligent driver, you should contact our Portland personal injury attorney today!

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Every individual's case is unique and will involve varying elements that require a personalized approach. Our lawyer at Angel Law, P.C. can provide you with the time and attention necessary to prescribe a personalized case strategy. We do not use cookie-cutter approaches in our representation because we are aware of the differing elements involved in each of our clients' cases. There are, however, common injuries that often result from being struck by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian.

Although your injuries may be different than the ones below, many pedestrian accidents result in:

Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to pedestrian accidents and, when they do occur, are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Portland can help these and other victims recover they need on the difficult road to recovery.

We Can Fight for Just Compensation!

After pedestrian accident, the victim will be faced with medical expenses, lost wages from missed work, and other damages. By filing a claim for personal injuries, the plaintiff may be able to receive recompense for the damages suffered, including the pain and suffering endured. Let Angel Law, P.C.provide the personalized, ambitious advocacy you deserve in the wake of a serious injury.

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