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A catastrophic injury, by definition, is a serious grievance. Whether you sustained such an injury at work or as the result of a vehicle accident, it can be very difficult to put your life back together again. This is especially true when medical expenses start to add up and pain and suffering is not subdued. You or your loved one may suffer from severe functional disability or be dealing with trauma from loss of limb. In many cases, catastrophic injuries can be so serious that they lead to wrongful death, causing even more damage for a family.

Whatever the case, it is crucial that you take legal action to hold negligent parties accountable for their wrong doings. Angel Law, P.C. is determined to see justice served in these types of cases. When you come to our firm, you can rest easy knowing an award-winning and fierce legal advocate is on your side.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries often plague a victim for the rest of their lives, causing long-term pain and suffering. Due to the extent of damage involved, they often entail heftier medical bills, increased therapy costs, expensive rehabilitation treatments, and other related costs. The severity of the damages also means that the amount of compensation that can be obtained is often much higher. However, you still need a proven legal advocate who can ensure your voice is heard.

Catastrophic injuries can include a wide range of injuries, such as:

At Angel Law, P.C., we know that such justice can radically impact the quality of life and individual enjoys after suffering through a catastrophic injury. That is why we are so passionate about representing personal injury victims and remain committed to going above and beyond for all of clients.

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When a serious injury occurs, someone is often at fault. From drunk drivers to negligent manufacturers, our firm is ready to hold these individuals accountable for their negligent actions. We encourage you to reach out to our Portland personal injury attorney today to find out more about pursuing justice and compensation for your damages.

The team at Angel Law, P.C. can work tirelessly to assemble a strong and compelling case on your behalf. Our main priority is to ensure that you are treated with the respect and compassion you deserve during this trying time. Let us provide the personalized support and guidance you need on your path to maximum recovery.

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