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Texting While Driving Accidents in Portland

Did you get hit by someone who was texting while driving?

Did you know nearly one quarter of all car accidents now are caused by a driver who texts while driving? That adds up to more than 1.3 million accidents per year on American roads, with Portland and the surrounding areas recording a high rate due to the metro region's relatively young population and rain-slick highways. When a person texts while driving, they take their eyes off the road for a minimum of five seconds – ample time for an accident to occur. Some studies have also published reports noting that texting while driving has the same effects as drunk driving.

If you have been the victim of an accident caused by a texting driver, Angel Law, P.C. can help you seek financial compensation. We have built a strong reputation as Portland car accident lawyers that use both compassion and experience to support our clients. We believe that our roadways should be as safe as can be, and that reckless drivers should be held accountable for the damage they cause.

Why is texting while driving so dangerous?

There are three primary forms of distractions – as defined by most state laws – that can lead to a car accident:

  • Manual: When the driver’s hands are removed from the steering wheel – or gear shift in a manually operated vehicle – this is considered a manual distraction, sometimes called a physical distraction. If your hands are off the steering wheel, it can be assumed that your ability to control the vehicle has been greatly lessened.
  • Visual: Something that takes the eyes of the driver off the road for more than a few seconds is considered a visual distraction. It is important for motorists to avoid staring at flashy billboards, bright lights, or even passengers when driving.
  • Cognitive: If a driver begins to daydream or focus on a thought other than the road and their responsibilities, this is a form of mental distraction. Something as simple as listening to your favorite song can lead to a dangerous cognitive distraction.

Texting while driving is such a horrible diversion, and leads to such a high amount of accidents, because it includes all three forms of distractions. Your hands will be off the wheel to hold the phone, your eyes are away from the traffic around you to look at what you are typing, and your mind will not be focused on the road but thinking of what to say instead. Even people who have been driving for most of their adult lives can easily make an unsafe mistake while texting behind the wheel.

Seek Justice with a Portland Car Accident Attorney

There is no excuse for texting while driving, and yet traffic collisions involving a text are still notoriously frequent. Insurance companies may be shying away from providing appropriate accident coverage when texting is involved, as the events are becoming commonplace.

Our Portland personal injury lawyers at Angel Law, P.C. see the legal profession as a noble one, committed to finding justice for victims of personal injury, and fighting on their behalf for fair compensation. Excuse our idealism, but we believe that innocent victims should never be shorted by either insurance companies or the courts.

Contact us immediately if you would like help in building your case after being injured in a texting while driving accident. We have the know-how and persistence to gather relevant evidence useful for building a strong case on your behalf. You will find that every case we handle is given personalized, tailored attention and treated with a unique approach.

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