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While there are advantages to Portland growing and continuing to be a bustling city in the far north of Oregon, one of the disadvantages is the increase of drunk driving accidents in the area. If you have been injured by a negligent and reckless driver who had a few drinks and then got behind the wheel, you need to know that you are not alone. At Angel Law, P.C., our Portland personal injury attorney can help you navigate the legal avenues available to you. Even if you were hurt in adjacent communities, we are here to support your claims.

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Establishing Liability in a Drunk Driving Accident Case

Let us work with you to get the compensation you will need after a personal injury suffered in a drunk driving accident. We are experts at accumulating evidence proving the intoxicated state of the other driver and the hazard that they created at the time of the accident. We know how to gather crucial records that will help your case, and we also draw on our experience to calculate a fair financial compensation for your losses.

We aim to get you a settlement, verdict, or recovery that will help you pay for:

  • Lost work time
  • Medical bills for initial treatment
  • Costs of ongoing care or rehabilitation
  • Damage to your vehicle or property

A common misconception that victims of drunk drivers make frequently is assuming that intoxicated driving automatically means liability for any accidents. Just because someone blows a 0.12% into a breathalyzer device after crashing into you does not mean they will necessarily be found accountable for what happened. Do not make assumptions when your finances and livelihood are on the line. You need to get professional assistance.

We Work For You – Not the Other Way Around

At Angel Law, P.C., our Portland car accident attorneys are not here to jump to conclusions for you. Instead, we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients, from beginning to end. In fact, to ensure that we are not overstepping our boundaries or leaving the people we help hanging, our attorney decidedly select only a handful of cases every year. By limiting our distractions, we deliver the dedication and perseverance our clients need.

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    Regardless of the size, scope, or difficulty of your case, our firm is prepared to fight for you.

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