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Dog Attack Lawyer in Portland

Were You Bitten by Someone Else's Dog?

Every dog, no matter how friendly, is still an animal with base instincts. Without proper supervision, a family pet could become dangerous and uncontrollable, leading to an aggressive bite or attack. As dog bites can occur at any time due to poor training, many laws surround the restraint and care of pets, especially canines.

Many times, a dog attack can lead to other costs, including follow-up shots and doctors' bills. If the person injured in the dog attack is a child or elder, the end result can even be fatal. The Portland personal injury attorneys at Angel Law, P.C. want to help you seek financial compensation for your injuries and trauma after suffering a dog bite. Even if you do not know the animal’s owner, we can help you track down the necessary evidence to pursue your case.

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Useful Tips About Dog Attacks

The unpredictability of animals can make it difficult to anticipate a dog attack. The results of one may also vary greatly, depending on the level of aggression the animal had and its size compared to the victim.

Some helpful tips to remember regarding dog attacks include:

  • Be careful: If you don’t recognize the dog, it doesn’t recognize you. Give unfamiliar animals a respectable berth when passing by them, especially if you might be in an area they perceive as their territory.

  • Have restraint: Even if you know the animal, you should always ask its owner if you can approach and pet it before doing so. Not only will this lessen your chances of being bitten but it can also strengthen your case if you are attacked.

  • Contact authorities: If you have been attacked by a dog, you should contact the proper authorities as soon as a safe opportunity arises. You will want to have as much information about the animal, the location of the attack, and its owner as possible.

  • Seek medical attention: Dogs may carry any number of infections in their mouths – including rabies – that can become fatal to you if untreated. Even if you suffered a minor bite that doesn’t require stitches, it is important that you see a physician for any recommended antibiotics or shots.

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The personal injury lawyers at Angel Law, P.C. have earned a reputation as a team that makes their clients feel more like friends than customers. We genuinely want to help you seek fair compensation after being attacked by a dog, and we want to take as much of the stress off your shoulders as we can. We know all of the state and local laws that govern care for a dog, including leash laws and neglect statutes that might come into play in your case. If the attack resulted in serious or catastrophic injury, we will strive to win an amount that will pay for your medical bills, as well as lost work time, pain and suffering.

Attorney Patrick Angel has maintained a 9.0 “Superb” Avvo rating through his dedication to his clients and the personal attention he gives each and every case he accepts. Drawing on his experience as a U.S. Marine, he knows how to fight both aggressively and honorably, representing you and your case with the utmost professionalism and commitment.

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