Nursing Home Abuse Has Your Loved One Been Mistreated?

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As elderly citizens entrust their physical and mental care to nursing homes staff members, statistics show that many wind up abused by these very caretakers. Elderly abuse is not uncommon but it is devastating. At Angel Law, we want to give the suffering you or a loved one has undergone a voice.

Our firm focuses solely on personal injury because we believe that no victim should go uncompensated. As advocates for the elderly, our goal is to successfully navigate Oregon’s complex legal system so you don’t have to. Backed by over 20 years of experience, our Portland elder law attorney is someone you can fully depend on.

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How Do I Know If the Nursing Home is Responsible?

Nursing home abuse manifests itself in various ways. Physical, sexual, and financial abuse are all common and often go on behind closed doors. When it comes time to pinpoint liability, family members find it difficult to determine if the nursing home is at fault. Certain circumstances, however, make it easy to hold it responsible.

A nursing home may be legally liable if they:

  • Failed to properly supervise staff members
  • Lacked necessary training programs
  • Utilized dangerous physical restraints
  • Denied residents’ of their basic rights
  • Medically neglected the residents
  • Intentionally abused the residents

Your claim should clearly demonstrate the abuse that occurred and why there is reason to believe that the nursing home is at fault. By conducting investigations into your case, our firm can formulate the strongest possible claim on your behalf.

Portland Elder Law Attorney: Putting Clients First

If successful with your claim, we may be able to recover monetary compensation for your suffering, medical bills, and cost of care. It is time to hold the responsible parties accountable and we are committed to doing so, no matter how long it may take. Our team at Angel Law, P.C. acts decisively and strategically, each move built on those prior. We don’t believe in utilizing cookie-cutter solutions just to get the job done, so you can have confidence in our representation.

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